Today's Professional

Today's Professional

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Today's Professional: What this blog is about?

Today's Professional
Today's Professional takes a look at the business world today. I will examine everything about what it means to be a professional, from what you wear, to how to handle tough situations at the work place. My goal with this blog is to write about my experience in the workplace and have a platform for sharing successes and failures I experience.

A little background on myself, I currently live in sunny Reykjavik Iceland and work as the global sales and marketing manager for an information security company. I have worked in the management consulting field, and in the insurance industry in the past. I graduated with a MBA in international business in spring of 2008, just before the economic crisis was upon us.

Graduating at this time, and sharing my experiences since then, is what has inspired me to write this blog. I have seen the worst of times for businesses, and have progressively made my way up the ranks when the purse strings were tied. My goal is not to brag about accomplishments, but to share my experiences in a way that may help the readers.

My intention is not to limit the type of topics that are discussed, but leave it open based on what trends I am noticing in business today. I hope you enjoy this blog, and I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you.

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