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Today's Professional

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Top 10 Tuesday: Productivity Tools

I will be featuring a weekly Top 10 Tuesday list. This week's Top 10 focuses on the productivity tools I utilize. 
top 10 productivity tools

Productivity tools are as abundant as there are people who use them. The following list is my Top 10 productivity tools I use on a daily basis.

1. Ipod Touch (4th generation)
My Ipod Touch is basically my computer whenever I am outside of the office. I utilize my Ipod for email, tracking website performance, social network marketing (LinkedIn and Facebook), as well as keeping track of my thoughts and ideas via the standard Notes app.

2. Journal
I carry a hardback journal with me to all meetings, and have it open at my desk at all times. I write down anything that requires my attention, such as to-dos, phone numbers, and general thoughts. My idea is similar to those found in David Allen's Getting Things Done. I write things down so I only have to think about them once.

3. MS Outlook
MS Outlook serves as my primary calendar and email client. I religiously use the folders features and track all emails with clients utilizing MS Dynamics CRM. Again, similar to my journal, organizing my emails allow me to only think about the specific items when it is time to think about them.

4. Google Chrome
I utilize Google Chrome for all my web-based task, from checking web site stats, to general information searches. I can't begin to express the level of productivity Google Chrome adds to my workday.

5. Coffee
With a two-year old daughter and a wife in a PhD program, sleep does not come as often as I would like. Without coffee, my productivity would be next to none.

6. Dual Monitor Set-up
Having two monitors saves me ample time. I never have to click between windows to see documents I am referring to, or to review an email while writing another email. Utilizing the window button and the arrow key adds to the efficiency of having to monitors, as well as learning other keyboard shortcuts.

7. Music
As I live and work in Iceland, I am not in the region to use Pandora, I have found Grooveshark to be a proper replacement. I have created multiple playlist depending on the task at hand.

8. Unbounce
One of my responsibilities at work is creating landing pages. Unbounce allows me to do this quickly and efficiently. I have literally saved entire work days by utilizing this tool.

9. StumbleUpon
This may seem like an anti-productive item, however, when managed appropriately, StumpleUpon serves as my source for finding new topics for my company's blog. The key is to only search for topics I am looking for at the moment.

Top 10 productivity tools, family time
10. Family Time
Working hard and being productive is very important. However, it is important to always remember why you are working. For me, it is to take care of my family. Some times, my passion for my work takes my attention away from my family. Spending time with my family allows me to step away from work and enjoy the important aspects of my life. It is vital for my productivity that I spend time with my beautiful wife and wonderful daughter.

What are some of your productivity tools and do you have any tips for getting things done?

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